Markets We Serve

From coal to specialty markets, we have your magnetite needs covered

There are various industries comprising the markets Quality Magnetite serves, as there are many applications for our products. We categorize the industries we serve into two major market segments: The Coal Industry Segment and the Specialty & Custom Processed Markets Segment.

In the Coal Industry, our product is used as a heavy media separation agent in coal washing processes, to help produce clean coal . This clean coal is used in the steel industry as a fuel as well as in steam power generation plants to generate electricity that heat and fuel the homes, businesses, institutions, and factories of America and beyond.

In Specialty & Custom Processed Market industries, various sizing, grading, and chemistry of our magnetite are used in a multitude of applications. This includes serving as heavy aggregate in concrete construction, as well as an additive in various manufacturing processes, bringing unique characteristics to final products including paint, fertilizer, recreational products, and water filtration.

a piece of raw magnetite