Magnetite For Beauty and Healing

More people are turning to magnetic therapy to treat a host of symptoms


Many have long suspected the healing power of magnets to alleviate pain and to treat other illnesses. In addition to its beauty, magnetite jewelry may also provide relief for chronic pain and maladies affecting thousands.

All the while, the cosmetics and hair care industry continues to develop new and exciting uses for magnetite, benefiting consumers and growing markets. Here are just a few ways magnetite is impacting the therapeutic and cosmetic world.

Using paramagnetics to alleviate pain and treat symptoms

Magnetic therapy is a huge industry and it’s growing. According to industry experts, more than a billion dollars of therapeutic magnetite products will be sold this year.

As this emerging field continues to develop, access to the quality magnetite and hematite necessary to fuel demand increases. Meanwhile, jewelry designers and alternative medicine practitioners alike continue to design new products to feed consumer desire for paramagnetic therapies.

Cosmetics advance with magnetite

The U.S. cosmetics industry is a hyper-competitive, $12 billion marketplace peopled with an enthusiastic and demanding audience. Within this space, haircare products rank up a whopping $4 billion in sales annually. Consumers want exciting new products, and thanks to magnetite they’re getting them.

Whether it’s in the form of a lactoferrin-infused facial mask enhanced with magnetite, or hair gel rich in magnetite to help rejuvenate hair and control frizz, cosmetic and hair care product manufacturers are finding exciting new uses for magnetite and its paramagnetic properties.

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