Magnetite Makes Your Favorite Sports Equipment Work

From weight sets to bowling frames, athletes in a host of sports rely on magnetite

Magnetite in Sporting Equipment

At the gym, you struggle through the burn to complete just one more drop set before returning those free weights to the bench. Later, at the bowling alley, you twist your wrist just so to send the ball curling towards another strike.

In both cases, you can thank magnetite for enriching that experience. Magnetite is a frequent component of many sporting goods you use every day as a material to add weight or dynamic mass to objects.

Consider the bowling ball. A thick shell of urethane is applied to a solid core of iron ore. As the amount of iron ore increases, so too does the weight of the ball. By moving the magnetite core’s position within the urethane, designers can alter the performance – or spin – of the ball, so you can bend that ball like Beckham when it comes time to slam away that late-breaking strike.

In the gym, magnetite abounds. Designers powder iron ore and blend it with binders to create a pourable, heavy aggregate concrete. Molded to shape and finished in vinyl, plastic, or other casing, this process is most often seen in weight lifting plates, though it exists throughout the gym in hand weights, counter weights, and even those fancy, machine-assisted all-in-one workout devices.

From counterweights to produce just the perfect spin to heavy aggregate concretes, magnetite finds a host of uses in the sporting goods and equipment we use to stay fit and entertained.

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