Cleaner, Safer Water is Possible with Magnetite

Iron compounds help removed contaminates and toxins from water supplies


There is no more vital a resource than a supply of clean, potable water. Yet for millions of people around the world, microbes threaten the water supply while harmful contaminates such as arsenic lurk, waiting to cause illness or even death.

Removing these harmful substances is no easy task, and water systems rely on a host of chemicals and compounds to ensure that clean, potable water flows readily when consumers turn on the tap.

Better water through basic chemistry

When it comes to purifying raw water for bathing and drinking, two of the most important chemicals water systems use are ferric chloride and ferric sulfate. As the name indicates, both of these chemicals rely on iron (ferrous) to work.

By infusing raw water with ferric chloride and ferric sulfate, engineers are able to clean the water of bacteria, protozoa and contaminates to help ensure a safe, ready supply of this vital resource is on tap at all times.

Removing poisons with magnetite

In 2011, a USGS survey revealed a startling finding: more than 13% of all groundwater sources were contaminated with arsenic or other heavy metal contaminates. Enter magnetite, which has a unique set of properties that allows it to break up arsenic and spirit it out of the water.

Using extremely fine particles of magnetite, engineers can effectively, quickly, and safely remove arsenic. Once the arsenic is sequestered away, the magnetite can be extracted utilizing simple magnets or filtration systems, producing clean, potable water for consumers.

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