Delivery & Service

Unmatched dedication to our customers

Quality Magnetite’s Personnel

Quality Magnetite’s services are provided entirely in-house with no third parties or contractors used as middle men. Whether it’s our plant crew, office members, dispatchers, or drivers, we ensure that you are speaking to a Quality Magnetite team member each and every time you place an order or receive a delivery.

As part of our commitment to safety, all of our company drivers meet the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations’ (FMCSA) Compliance Safety and Accountability (CSA) program requirements.

Bulk Delivery & Equipment

Quality Magnetite has the largest owned and operated fleet in the industry with complete bulk transit units currently in use, at both locations. Our distinctive pneumatic trucks can be seen travelling the nation’s highways, delivering to our clients across the United States and beyond.

As quality counts at Quality Magnetite, we take care to transport only magnetite product in our trucks and it is processed magnetite at that. We never carry any other material of any sort in our delivery trucks, so as to eliminate any chance of cross-contamination. Our clients can have peace of mind knowing the product they receive from Quality Magnetite is free of any impurities.

As delivery service is our hallmark and safety is our foremost value, we are diligent in regularly updating our fleet with new equipment and the latest technology. Due to our aggressive equipment rotation policy, you can be assured that our entire fleet is always kept up to date.

All motor vehicle units owned by Quality Magnetite are maintained and repaired in-house by our full-time certified master mechanics. Furthermore, all our trucks meet all U.S. DOT, FMCSA regulatory compliance requirements including the obtaining of all proper licensing, titling, and permitting required for our operation.

In addition to our own trucking fleet, Quality Magnetite can also serve our clients’ delivery requirements via rail service throughout North America, as well as by shipping container worldwide.

Unmatched Service & Dedication to our Customers

Prompt service along with quality products is what Quality Magnetite is built on. As such, we always strive to make all deliveries in a safe, uninterrupted, and prompt manner.

We are proud to offer our clients unmatched service – when you call us, we get the wheels rolling in a matter of hours – not days. Specifically, Quality Magnetite quotes hourly delivery. This quick turn-around is our standard operating procedure, and therefore a critical component of our everyday policy. We offer our services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including all holidays (if necessary).

Our drivers’ and dispatchers’ work shifts are staggered throughout the days and nights so that our customers’ delivery needs can be addressed at any time around the clock.

The benefits our customers enjoy by Quality Magnetite owning, operating, and maintaining our own fleet include:

  • Assurance of safe, regulatory-compliant drivers and trucks
  • Elimination of miscommunication between multiple parties
  • Faster response time
  • Better service by having all transport units on site and ready to go at any given time
  • Reduction of hassles caused by equipment failures
  • Receipt of clean, processed magnetite product, free of contaminants
  • Reliable, consistent, and prompt deliveries
a piece of raw magnetite