Processing Phase

Proprietary processing methods for exceptional product

Quality Magnetite’s proprietary processing methods achieve the best final magnetite product. What makes us the industry leader is our capability to make instantaneous changes during production. This enables us to meet each individual customer’s precise product specifications with no disruption to our processing effort. This is particularly attractive to our various specialty market clients. Additionally, our production process is Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) compliant – a benefit for our coal industry clients.

We recently updated and expanded our processing facility at our Kenova, West Virginia location, doubling our production capacity. Furthermore, we even more recently established our new Mount Vernon, Indiana processing facility, implementing the same state-of-the-art production lines there. Both of Quality Magnetite’s processing facilities have production flexibilities, material testing laboratories, and utilize the same quality management system to process raw magnetite ore.

Our processing lines at both locations utilize a high-tech Programmable Logic Control (PLC) system that has been specifically adapted to Quality Magnetite’s precise processing requirements. This technologically-advanced, user-friendly motor control system interfaces with our innovative cable tray wiring mechanism, and it is all controlled by multiple PLC touch screens.

Material Handling & Processing

Quality Magnetite begins and ends our integrated processing phase by keeping all material under cover – both unprocessed raw ore and finished product.

The ore is extracted from the covered stockpile and is loaded into a hopper. The ore is conveyed to a rotary kiln where it is dried to 0% moisture. The dried material feeds out from the rotary kiln onto a vibrating screen where it is sifted of any undesirable debris. Once screened, the ore is then sized, if required, by classifying or milling to the desired consistency. At the final point in the process, the material is transported by elevators to our storage silos or by screws directly to one of two bagging stations. Our specialty products packaging is available in bag, bulk, or container options.

Finished Product Storage

Quality Magnetite has a large finished product storage capacity. Our locations have several storage silos, capable of storing up to 500 tons each of processed magnetite. Standard market sizes and grades are stored within our inventory. Non-standard sizes and grades can be manufactured upon request. Our clients benefit from our large storage capacity of product, as we are capable and ready to deliver any typically-desired quantity of standard market size/grade of magnetite at any given time.

a piece of raw magnetite