Supply Chain Phase

Diligent oversight from source to final quality assurance


Quality Magnetite has numerous alliances with a multitude of supply sources around the world to guarantee consistent availability of the best caliber product for our customers. Our supply chain professionals are always mindful that a steady supply stream is vital and their efforts will always focus on the assurance of supply accessibility and product quality.

Origins of Quality Magnetite’s supply entail various international locations, including Central America, South America, South Africa, Europe, the United States, and several Pacific Rim locations. Comprehensively, these various, global supply sources are capable of supplying us in excess of 400,000 thousand tons of raw material a year.

Loading & Transfer

Raw ore is transported by sea vessel, rail, or truck from the various points of origin in the world to one of the two Quality Magnetite operating facilities. Furthermore, the material is tracked and samples are taken from the point of purchase to unloading at our facilities.

As part of our quality assurance efforts, Quality Magnetite’s sourcing staff monitors the raw ore we purchase throughout its entire delivery process. At any point in the shipping process, the material is fully traceable, regardless of point of origin or the mode of transportation that is carrying it. In particular, we make sure care is taken so that the raw ore is covered during transit, to keep it dry, free of contaminants and unaffected by the elements.

Unloading & Transporting

Once the raw ore arrives at a Quality Magnetite location, it is immediately and safely offloaded and transported to one of our adjacent processing facilities. Both of the Quality Magnetite facilities utilize covered raw ore storage buildings to ensure product quality.

Quality Management System

Quality Magnetite’s proprietary Quality Management System (QMS) is engaged throughout the entire supply chain phase. Consistent with our Core Values, we apply uncompromising attention to Safety, Quality, and Service to all aspects and procedures of the ore receiving process. Our QMS efforts begin at every point of origin, regardless of location across the world. From the raw ore loading process, to finished product consumption at our clients’ locations, Quality Magnetite’s staff assures the highest standards of care and efficiency are achieved.

The array of procedures, check-lists, and actions that comprise our Quality Management System is executed not just for our benefit, but for our customers’ advantage as well. We take all measures to keep our suppliers, our own staff, and the general public safe from bodily harm (Safety). Sourcing from the best suppliers assures we obtain only the best raw material, and additionally, our diligent efforts in keeping the ore off the ground and covered during transport helps to assure our customers that they are receiving the best magnetite in the end (Quality). By navigating all of the complexities and concerns of the global supply chain phase, Quality Magnetite best serves our clients by saving them from assuming such challenging, non-core business efforts (Service).

a piece of raw magnetite