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March 7, 2017 / Newsroom
Magnetite in Sporting Equipment

From football to bowling, Quality Magnetite products play an important role in athletics

You’ve probably seen the bracelets on wrists of football players — tiny disks of magnets that help improve circulation and restore freedom of movement to tight joints. At Quality Magnetite, it’s not just about magnets. Our products are an important component in many cutting edge sports.

“QMag works to stay abreast of changes in more than 80 industries — medical, construction, and even sports, where our products find their way into hundreds of products,” says George Hamilton, QMag Operations Manager. “We’re sports lovers, and knowing our products are a part of those sports we love makes us proud of what we do.”

Here are a few interesting and unexpected places you’ll find magnetite produced right here at QMag.

Bowling balls: Bowling balls are round, three holes for your fingers, and smooth, right? What you can’t see is that magnetite is an important component to making those balls curve, backspin and cut. Look inside a bowling ball, and you’ll find they’re filled with aggregates, shaped and molded to behave in certain ways. Without magnetite, the bowling balls wouldn’t be heavy enough to perform as expected. Magnetite provides mass where it’s needed and gives the balls the performance bowlers demand.

Golf clubs: For more than a decade, golf clubs have been getting lighter. Yet, reducing weight can’t reduce strength of the club. That’s why magnetite is one of the main ingredients in the alloys that manufacturers are using to achieve stronger, lighter clubs. When Tiger steps on the field, he can crush it with confidence, knowing his clubs will perform consistently under a variety of conditions, thanks in part to iron oxide.

Roller hockey skates: You’ve seen the skaters gliding effortlessly around the floor, knocking the puck about and scoring big wins. The skaters cut sideways and for just a second, the skates hum. That signature hum is thanks in no small part to magnetite — a crucial component of quality ball bearings. Those ball bearings help make sure that the skaters’ kicks perform well under pressure, and without quality iron ore, those ball bearings would break down and freeze up.

There are thousands of products, processes and technologies in the sporting goods arena where you’ll find iron oxide in all its forms. At QMag, we specialize in providing the highest quality in the fastest possible timetables, so that your business can remain ahead of the competition.

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