Quality Magnetite Empowers Novel Magnetite Applications

January 6, 2017 / Newsroom
Magnetite in Aviation

From electronics to aviation, the future is bright for magnetite

At Quality Magnetite, we’re constantly watching for exciting and new uses of magnetite, whether it’s refinements in process technologies that have long relied on magnetite or discovering innovative ways magnetite can open up new markets and industries.

With the nano-revolution well underway, the demand for ferro-particles will increase in the coming years. That means finding and securing a reliable source for this finite resource is a vital step for companies and manufacturers who wish to remain on the forefront of technology.

“Magnetite plays a role in almost every major industry,” says Quality Magnetite Operations Manager George Hamilton. “From agriculture to the tech boom, magnetite is a key component of machinery, chemical manufacturing, monitoring and even heat abatement. And with the nano-scale applications of this material, the importance of magnetite will continue to grow in the coming years.”

Here are just three of the hundreds of areas in which magnetite is playing a major role in progress.

Electronics components rely on magnetite. Almost every computer on the market requires magnetite to work. Whether it’s embedded in state-of-the-art chips or applied to microscopic moving parts, magnetite helps keep computers working and, without it, the electronics revolution would grind to a halt.

Magnetite helps control pollution. Renewable energy is on the rise, but for the immediate future, fossil fuels still reign supreme. Coal accounts for almost 40% of the electricity produced in the U.S. each year. Thanks to closed-loop processes made possible by magnetite, though, energy producers are reducing harmful emissions.

Ferrofluids reduce vibration and control sound. Magnetic ferrofluids are revolutionizing mechanical systems, thanks to their unique abilities to dampen vibration and reduce unwanted sound. From helicopters to buildings, engineers are employing ferrofluids to control unwanted vibrations from rotors and protect structures from earthquakes.

Magnetite is an ancient material, but it’s still on the forefront of almost every industry, and at Quality Magnetite, we’re looking to the future. From medicine to space propulsion systems, when it comes to magnetite, even the sky isn’t the limit.

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