What we offer

Purchasing, Processing & Distribution

Quality Magnetite is the premier purchaser, processer, and distributor of magnetite, a multi-purpose coal processing and industrial additive product that meets or exceeds the most stringent quality standards of the various industries we serve, in both domestic and international markets. Our company is led and operated by the most knowledgeable and capable experts in the magnetite industry.

Quality Magnetite’s extensive network of material suppliers around the world affords us the ability to secure the best quality source materials for our customers. These numerous alliances also grant us the flexibility required to meet the ever-changing supply demands of our clients.

Both Quality Magnetite’s Appalachian Region and Illinois Basin production facilities have the most technologically-advanced processing capabilities in North America, allowing for customization of products to meet our customers’ most precise requirements. As our high-grade magnetite is almost entirely recoverable and reusable in coal washing operations, substantial cost savings can be realized by our coal industry clients.

Quality Magnetite owns and operates a large custom fleet of trucks which enables us to provide our customers unmatched delivery service.

Quality Magnetite’s integrated sourcing, operations, and logistics processes and facilities are continually updated to ensure we produce the highest quality products with the most dependable service that provides maximum value to our customers.

a piece of raw magnetite