Emerging Industries


Whether it’s creating newer, more effective sound-dampening components, or compounds to reduce electronic noise interference, Magnetite is becoming a more frequently used product in the Automotive industry. Learn more »

Magnetic Fluids

Also known as ferrofluids, these amazing liquids contain millions of microscale particles of Magnetite (Iron Oxide) that when charged magnetically, can transform from a liquid to a semi-solid in a millisecond to constantly adjust for suspension / movement dampening systems. These are known as Magnetic Suspension and/or Active Suspension. Learn more »

Water Treatment

When it comes to purifying raw water for bathing and drinking, two of the most important chemicals water systems uses are ferric chloride and Ferric sulfate. As the name indicates, both of these chemicals rely on some form of Iron Oxide to work. Learn more »


In order to feed the more than 7 billion people on the planet, the markets rely on industrial agriculture to crank out acre after acre of high-yield, high-value crops. Magnetite is a key ingredient in making Micronutrients or Iron rich products that improve the Soil conditions. Learn more »

A Little About Us

At Qualtiy Magnetite, we globally source, process, and distribute magnetite - a type of iron oxide that possesses natural magnetic properties.

We provide the highest product and service quality that our customers require. What we offer improves productivity by reducing waste, minimizing operational challenges, maximizing use of resources, and optimizing cost savings, by applying our knowledge and technology to meet our customers production challenges.


Our facilities at both locations are complete with our own in-house laboratory (QM Lab), equipped with all tools and equipment needed to thoroughly sample our material. Our QM Lab enables us to check size/grade, magnetics, moisture content, specific gravity (relative density), and Fe Totals. Quality Magnetite is committed to maintaining QM Lab and utilizing its capabilities to be assured we are providing our clients the best quality product and that we are meeting the specific material requirements.

a piece of raw magnetite