The Role of Magnetite in Magnetic Advertising and Seals

Ferrite products are everywhere and their numbers are increasing


You’ve seen them on the sides of cars and stuck to the sides of vending machines. They’re the flexible, colorful magnetic advertisements for everything from insurance agents to plumbers, and without magnetite, those ads wouldn’t be possible.

Ferrite is a ceramic compound that contains hematite and magnetite, and because it’s a ferromagnetic material, it will attract naturally – if temporarily — to metal surfaces. When blended with vinyl, magnetite becomes a flexible, durable medium to affix and display advertising.

The same properties that make ferrite compounds a popular and valuable choice for sticking advertising on the sides of cars and bus stops also drives another, more important use for the substance: magnetic seals.

Close the refrigerator and you’ll feel the satisfying security of an air-tight bond between the door and the frame. Or maybe that storm door on your house clicks shut just so, locking in that valuable, cold air and sealing out the elements.

By placing long, flexible strips of magnetite-infused vinyl along the edges of doors, windows, and other moving components, designers can ensure a tight but easily breakable seal. Your food stays fresher, your house stays cooler, and it’s all thanks in no small part to magnetite.

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