Protection, Shielding and Refraction with Magnetite

Researchers are continuing to find new and powerful uses for magnetite-infused aggregates and concretes

Magnetite in Protective Shielding

Since ancient Rome, concrete has been a wonder product, enabling the construction of both extensive, durable roads and massive structures that soar above our heads. Concrete has also proven to be a valuable material in the manufacturing field, where engineers have designed everything from small refractories to massive chambers out of concrete.

Recent research shows that magnetite aggregate in concrete allows the material to perform well at much higher temperatures than non-magnetite infused concrete. This discovery marks an important milestone for concrete, which previously was susceptible to cracking and degrading when subjected to extreme temperatures.

Magnetite aggregate is also a key component to protecting personnel and equipment from the harmful effects of gamma radiation. Long the go-to choice for reactor shielding, magnetite aggregate is added to concrete to increase density, which improves the performance of concrete shielding, blocking harmful radiation and preventing heat buildup, which can degrade concrete’s performance over time.

With magnetite aggregate heavy concretes, structures are stronger and safer longer than their non-magnetite counterparts.

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