Quality Magnetite Reduces Friction in Brake Pads and Semiconductor Equipment

September 6, 2017 / Newsroom
Quality Magnetite Reduces Friction in Brake Pads and Semiconductor Equipment

Magnetite is a key ingredient in solid lubricants and ferrofluid seals

The applications of magnetite are as numerous as there are industries. Whether it’s boosting solar cell efficiency, nourishing crops, or adding extra heft to sports equipment, ferrous oxide is truly a miracle substance, with researchers discovering new applications every year.

For instance, research indicates exciting applications for magnetite in the areas of friction reduction in brake pads and ferrofluid seals. Already, magnetite is a widely used solid lubricant in the manufacture of automotive brakes. As researchers Werner Österle and Andrey I. Dmitriev explain in their paper “The Role of Solid Lubricants for Brake Friction Materials1,” solid lubricants like magnetite “play a crucial role in friction stabilization and wear reduction” in automotive braking applications. The result is a smoother, safer experience for drivers, with brakes they can count on to respond when they most need them and lower costs in ongoing maintenance and replacement.

“Reducing and stabilizing friction is an important goal in a variety of industrial applications,” says George Hamilton, Operations Manager at Quality Magnetite. “Quality magnetite works to provide a reliable, affordable solid lubricant that manufacturers of every vehicle from consumer automobiles to heavy trucks can employ in their braking systems. We’re proud to provide a product that serves as such a key ingredient in increasing safety and decreasing wear.”

As an automotive manufacturer, you want to provide the consumer with brakes that will work in all conditions, under whatever kind of stress they might encounter. And you certainly don’t want brakes that squeak, groan or need replacing any sooner than necessary. By employing quality magnetite as a friction-reducing agent, you can give your customers the smooth, dependable experience they expect.

Magnetite presence in ferrofluids reduces friction on semiconductor production equipment

As other research reveals, however, automotive braking is just one important implementation of ferrous oxide’s friction-reducing properties. In a paper titled “Magnetite (Fe3O4): Properties, Synthesis, and Applications2,” researchers at Lehigh University found the following potential applications for magnetite’s lubricant qualities:

“Ferrofluids have some very interesting potential applications in various mechanical/electrical situations. Rotating shafts protruding into low- or high-pressure chambers oftentimes exert a great deal of friction on traditional rotating mechanical seals (commonly known as Orings). Such seals are employed in rotating anode X-ray generators and vacuum chambers operated by the semiconductor industry. Ferrofluid seals secured with permanent magnets provide firm seals with minimal friction.”

The use of magnetite in ferrofluids is a topic we’ve covered before, something you have to see to believe. Their potential as a friction-reducing agent in ferrofluid-based seals in the semiconductor industry is yet another exciting potential application for our ferrous oxide products, one that represents the tremendous promise of magnetite-based ferrofluids across industries.

This is good news for manufacturers. According to a recent report from PwC3, the demand for semiconductors is only growing in an increasingly digitized world, making reliable, impeccably functioning production equipment essential for semiconductor manufacturers. The application of magnetite in reducing wear and tear on the anode X-ray generators and vacuum chambers used to produce semiconductors is an exciting opportunity for manufacturers of semiconductor production equipment. Equipment that is more friction-resistant means less time on maintenance and more time on production, leading to increased customer satisfaction and decreased costs.

Quality Magnetite offers the best supply solution for automotive braking and ferrofluid seals

Whether you work in the automotive industry, the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry, or any other industry that needs a high-quality, dependable basis for solid lubricants, Quality Magnetite is here to get your the company the ferrous oxide it requires.

When you work with Quality Magnetite, you’ll be able to take advantage of our extensive network of material suppliers, ensuring the highest-quality iron oxide every time. We have the most technologically advanced processing capabilities in North America, allowing for customization of products to meet our customers’ most precise requirements.

Combined with our large custom fleet of trucks and constantly updated logistics processes, Quality Magnetite is the best equipped company in the industry to provide the ferrous oxide for all your automotive braking and ferrofluid seals needs.

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